Corner Um urnot fra Björk

The lodge

So alone




Once upon a time...

Sweet intuition

Fra Björk
Um urnot sign?Fra Björk

Keldur under the nature-stones.
-Ladiahr charms hairly.
Keldur under the nature-stones.
Under twenty nature-stones there was Keldur. After a long search Nrarida insisted that he come up, put on his trousers and stop root up - be discovered.
Keldur didn't stir, so the other stepped to-him. The beast bent over and set-it on Ladiahr. She beshaded her eyes with her brows. Naffi hissed, then jumped on her. She escaped, the hair and left Keldur. Keldur didn't stir. When he rose, Alfir presented himself.
Alfir presents himself.
Alfir presents himself. Naffi is with him.

He stood steady, coughing... After his long coma, he stood steady, coughing. He recollected dimly but didn't want to know.
Keldur waking up and coughing.Keldur waking up and coughing
Waldir recognized the flowers. He knew the leaves and the mane and the palfrey.

And he knew the time. Oh yes- yes , the time that includes palfrey-trips and leaves. Just and only. (and sleep.)

But Waldir didn't know Keldur and has probably never known him and would never have seen him if Keldur hadn't passed by, in the direction of the opening, suspecting nothing.

Waldir, the leaves and the palfrey sleeping
Waldir, the leaves and the palfrey sleeping.

Because of a non-suspecting and natural pressure Keldur came up. Nrarida tip-toed to his back.

-didn't answer.
"Keldur, we know you."

Nrarida tip-toe-ing to his back
Nrarida tip-toe-ing to his back.
Keldur feeling happy because of the old days
Keldur feeling happy because of the old days

Keldur had never felt so happy. But because and as a tribute to the old days he sometimes cried.

Um Urnot is a fairy tale that Björk wrote and published in 1984. This version was translated by Dr. Gunni and was mildly edited and published by Pomegranate.